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My FMA Fanfiction ~Updated:12.8.11~

+ If you're looking for my selling journal, just scroll down a bit more on the main page of my journal!

+ If you're looking for my FMA fanfiction, you're in the right place.

I write mostly for fma_fic_contest, but I also wanted to catalogue my FMA fics here.

Warnings: I write lots of Elricest (this includes combinations of Ed, Al, Trisha, and Sloth), so if any of those things offend you, don't read them. However, I do have a few that are just general and fun to read. ^^ Most are not sexually explicit and just written for fun.


Pairing: EdxAl

Rating/Warnings: Fluff
PG-13, for a little cursing
Summary: Ed has a nightmare and Al is there to comfort him.

Sugar Coated

Pairing: General family fic
Rating/Warnings: PG for mentions of death, ect.

Summary: Where the Elrics got those infamous red coats...

If the screw fits...

Series: FMA-1

Pairing: EdxAl, one-sided WinryxEd (small reference to EdxSloth)

Rating/Warnings:PG-13 for violence and insanity :D Also, some Winry fans may be offended...

Summary: Winry is feeling a bit underappreciated and decides to do something about it.

ALchemic Rebound

Series FMA-1

Pairing: None (Tucker and Al are the characters.)

Rating/Warnings: PG

Summary: What happens when sucky alchemists try to bring their daughter back to life... and it rebounds.

Leaving behind my shadow...

Series: Possibly Brotherhood but it's not specific

Pairing: Hinted EdxAl, but it's not even noticable

Rating/Warnings:PG-13 for 1 tiny use of a curse word (Darn you, Ed!)

Summary:Something died when Alphonse got his body back...

It happens sometimes.

Series: Possibly FMA-1 but it's not specific

Pairing: No pairing, but Ed, Trisha, and Al appear.


Summary:Ed makes one of his first actions he regrets.

Sequel to Tarnished and Polished - Will post here when completed...

Series: AU

Pairing: EdxAl

Ratings/Warnings: I would say M for a lot of mature themes that include prostitution, drugs, violence, sex, ect.

Summary: Sometimes the past will catch up to you... No matter who you are now.