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Celga Deputy Service Review

I was browsing the net earlier looking at all the deputy services and comparing them. Sometimes I occasionally use SMJ, but over the last 8 years I've stuck with Celga since they were a tiny website. I've never had a bad experience with them in all my times shopping from them. I've had several items (upwards of 15+) shipped in a box for a reasonable price to me, shipping was quick, items were packed well. Communication is good most of the time and when it isn't it's during Japan's off-hours (even then, it's not a huge inconvenience if you plan ahead).

An example of my current "haul":
digimoncollectionupdateThe only items not through them are the Frontier DVD set, the 2 posters, the gum tin, the official tags/crest, the light up model, and the magnet. This doesn't show my Uranus/Neptune Pointer Pens, Lip Balms, or Uranus chopsticks. It also doesn't show my Madoka Rebellion Soul Gem package. The rest will hopefully be in Celga's warehouse soon. ^_^ I'm on a bit of Digi kick.

I think I originally started using them because they were cheaper than most deputies and today they remain comparable. I would like to point out that for many small items from different sellers that the fees add up, but after such a long relationship I feel like that's the price I pay for having someone I trust bid for me. So, when I buy an item, I make sure to calculate their fees (and they have a fee calculator when you submit a bid), but usually it's the price + commission $10, $2 bank fee, and maybe a few bucks for shipping. I've never seen a problem with this seeing as other services charge the same or higher! It's worth it.

I love that they wait until the last few hours to bid. Of course sniping doesn't exist on Y!JP, but it's as close as you can get and keeps the cost low. Buy It Now is even better. You fill out the form, pay the full amount of the item before fees/shipping and they get it for you.

Recently I have even used their web shopping service! I had never done that before but I found it was even better than the auction. For example, while trying to order Premium Bandai items, they sold out but once a new shipment release was put up they went ahead and ordered in my place so I could get the item! In the past I have had them help me locate limited items after an auction failed. We even planned to split a special edition cake once, but I ended up finding the figure seperately. XD I wish I could have won them the cake!

As I said before their communication is very good. I have only had one rude sounding comment in my 8 years with them and it still won't sway me from their business. ;) However, I'll put the example here for you. It's explained in detail below as to why this sounds the way it does. I had placed a bid improperly (see? most problems stem from the customer, not them) and I forgot to check the BIN box. I emailed because the system wouldn't let me bid on the item twice. I was anxious to fix the situation!

We can't.  This is suddenly an issue some of our customers seem to be having.  We don't know why.  To help us sort it out, are you using the "pay now" through our site or are you logging into paypal and sending a payment to our address?  Either way, can you try the OTHER way and see how that goes?
Thank you so much for your help!
Unfortunetly, I can understand the frustration and even then, it could have just been emphasis because we were both confused!! X.x Let me explain.... They were experiencing problems with Paypal when manual payment had never been a problem. My confusion stemmed from the fact that they later replied and informed me to input "test" into the URL line so I could rebid (as you can't send a bid for the same item twice). If this had been made known to me from the start, I wouldn't have had to email them. After all this was explained I was immediately was emailed back with their friendly service I was used to and I do not hold this against them. Their english ranges from very good to perfect, in my opinion. They even have a phone number you can call if you like.

In the beginning when I was struggling with making payments they helped me often by giving me a few extra days. The best thing they did was help me when my town was struck by a hurricane and pretty much everything on my end was chaos. After the storm, the USPS rerouted our mail and I still got all my packages just fine! ;)

Items are stored in their warehouse and they carefully pack them together for you for combined shipping. You have a choice of services, depending on weight restrictions. I almost always use EMS and the price seems accurate judging by, say, AmiAmi's EMS rates. One time my EMS shipping was around $150, but there was a lot of items, including a decently sized figure. I've never had a problem with shipping.

In the past, and I think still today, they sometimes include a bonus magazine or some other gift to their customers, especially during certain periods like Golden Week. It's really nice.

My only complaint would be that their non-automated system is a bit slow. However, you can bid yourself with Celga GOLD, but I prefer the direct approach and not leaving it to me, since I'm usually asleep when auctions end. I do wish they had a way on the website to view past invoices. I get them in my email and view the link, which is now expired. However, they do offer a download PDF wth email option, too, which I think I'll switch back to, so this point is moot. :)

I know others have had bad experiences with Celga, but I never have and will continue to support Hyla, Carrie, and the entire gang. They've done an outstanding job! Almost all bad experiences I have seen were on the fault of the original Japanese seller, not Celga. Some complained of "hidden fees", but they always directly invoice you explaining every charge. I've never been overcharged for shipping, either, so I don't see how that's a possibility.

I hope my review will help those out there new to deputy services give Celga  a try. They get a huge volume of people and have precautions in place, a help line, several emails, and more to help you.

Thanks Celga! <3

Memorial Book -- A Fanfiction Archive

After a long time as a selling journal (you can still see my feedback below) I've decided to turn this into a fanfiction journal! I'm going to post the following fics soon:

Digimon Adventure Scenario: Blue - An episode-by-episode summary from Yamato's POV in my headcanon. YamatoxJyou hints.
Left Behind - (This one's a secret!) YamatoxJyou centric.
I'm planning 2 original Digimon fanfics as well.

Hey there everypony! Looking to trade some cards to fill empty slots in my wife's collection binder.

Names are listed as they are on the cards, so CNTL+F canon names to find the ones you want. I've also listed the number of the card unless it's the tattoo/sticker/standee cards.
All codes are USED.

Feedback here:
http://l-stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif?v=98.1shindkrow (includes LJ, Ebay, and GameTZ)

If you're interested in buying or trading for a card, please comment with an offer. No PMs. More interested in trading. If buying, I will only take Paypal payment.

For Trade / Availible

F = Holofoil / Foil
G = Gold Card

#F-41 SDCC Pony

#F-11 Rarity

Tattoo #1 - x1
Tattoo #4 - x2
Tattoo #5 - x2
Tattoo #8 - x1
Tattoo #9 - x4


G1 Princess Celestia
G5 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza?
G6 Discord
G8 Queen Chrysalis

F4 Rarity * Generosity
F7 Applejack Puzzle B #1/9
F11 Rarity Puzzle B #5/9
F17 Pinkie Pie
F21 Flutter Shy
F35 Applejack Canterlot Gardens Promo
F37 Rainbow Dash SDCC 2012 Promo
F40 Rarity BroNYcon 2012 Promo

#24 Hoity Toity & Photo Finish - 2nd ed (First two lines appear under the "T" cap)
#28 Mare Do Well & Daring Doo - 1st ed (Word Wrap: "the hero Ponyville / has always needed")
#41 Gummy - 2nd ed (First two lines appear under the "T" cap)
#50 Worst. Companion. EVER. - 2nd ed (Word wrap: "The Grand Galloping Gala becomes / the Worst Night Ever!)
#53 Another day, another dungeon
#54 You're not scientifically possible! - 2nd ed (Word wrap: from the future! / Is this)
#66 The Big Doozy - 1st ed (Episode mistake: "The Big Doozy")
#67 A Very Special Somepony - 2nd ed ( Quote: Cheerilee)

G1 Princess Celestia
G2 Princess Luna
G3 Princess Cadence
G4 Princess Twilight Sparkle
G5 King Sombra
G6 Discord & Fluttershy
G7 Trixie
G8 Timberwolves

F36 ???
F37 Rainbow Dash
F38 ???
F40 ???
F41 ???
F42 ???
F43 ???
F44 ???


Tattoo #6

Sticker #1
Sticker #2
Sticker #6
Sticker #8
Sticker #9

Sticker #10
Sticker #12
Sticker #13
Sticker #14
Sticker #15

My FMA Fanfiction ~Updated:12.8.11~

+ If you're looking for my selling journal, just scroll down a bit more on the main page of my journal!

+ If you're looking for my FMA fanfiction, you're in the right place.

I write mostly for fma_fic_contest, but I also wanted to catalogue my FMA fics here.

Warnings: I write lots of Elricest (this includes combinations of Ed, Al, Trisha, and Sloth), so if any of those things offend you, don't read them. However, I do have a few that are just general and fun to read. ^^ Most are not sexually explicit and just written for fun.

Peer into the Gate...Collapse )



ALL DELIVERY CONFIRMATION #s are either PMed or commented to BEFORE updating shipped status.


All items sold as-is. I try to state everything I can but please ask questions before paying/finalizing an order!

I prefer Paypal. I'll email you my address when we come to an agreement. I may take money orders in extreme cases or if you have feedback using a money order.

I do accept trades! Please see my Wish List for more information.

I notice that usually people comment and are interested. I have the courtesy to get back to you within 48 hours. I expect the same from you. If I don't get a response within 48 hours of replying to you, then I assume you no longer want the item and your comment will be deleted. If you are still interested then, PM me.

I put DC on all orders inside the US. I can insure international orders, but it's expensive.

I ship using bubble mailers for small orders, boxes for large orders (aka 4+ games or 3+ manga).

If your item is lost in the mail, I will refund 1/2 of your payment, not including shipping cost.

I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays each month, except for the week of the 3rd! No exceptions!
Positive: 22
Nuetral: 0
Negative: 1 (User is no longer active so I can't rectify this. If he contacts me I'd be happy to fix! :) )

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